Monday’s Update

– Today, I learned our loan is stuck in underwriting and they are asking us to not only jump through more hoops, but do it blindfolded and on one foot.

– Our closing date is still up in the air, obviously, and just about everything is hinging on that. I want to share pics of the new house but am so scared we’ll lose it – don’t want to jinx anything!

– Our inspection has been scheduled for the day we arrive in Charlotte so we can both be there.

– I have 3 moving companies coming this week to give quotes on our move.

– I had to cancel a trip to Atlanta scheduled for next week because it just became too much. So sad to miss it 😦

– We cleaned out the Spare Room (aka, the room where things go to die) over the weekend. 4 lawn size bags, 1 Goodwill box, and 1 church donation box later… it’s halfway presentable.

– We dug out the extra boxes leftover from our last move so I can pack my office at work. Thank heavens we held onto a handful!

– We decided we need to sell a few more items before the move (refrigerator, anyone?)

The beginning of the goodbyes began yesterday and will continue over the next week. It’s emotionally draining and a reminder that I get (perhaps too) attached to people. Especially those under the age of 12. Maybe it’s for the best that the mortgage company is continuing to keep me distracted and busy jumping through hoops.


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